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Lathe componentsAutomatic Lathes

Action Automatic Manufacturing runs a number of Automatic Lathes which compliment the CNC machines.

  • Bar Feed Capacity Range : 2.0mm Ø – 45.0mm Ø
  • Bar Profile Capabilities : Round, Hexagonal, Square

These machines are ideally suited to long run production work of Turned, Drilled, Bored and Threaded components.


Setup timing is relatively short depending on tooling requirements and the machines have the potential for quick cycle times aiding to AAM being able to provide competitive and reasonable production timing and costs.


The automatic lathes can produce components from the simplest bush to a medium complexity terminal or connector and as the first stage of a multi process operation more complex items can be produced which may have Flats, Slots, Keyways or Cross Holes machined in them.


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