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Screw and nut productionScrew and Nut Production

Action Automatic Manufacturing has the ability to be able to produce an extensive range of Screws, Nuts, Threaded Rod and specialist Fasteners.


We currently produce a number of different specialised Nuts and Screws for prominent New Zealand companies which export their product worldwide. Due to European import standards the exported items must meet RoHS and WEEE directives, as a supplier to these companies we can assure them that our processes of material selection and protective coatings are compliant with current RoHs and WEEE directives.


We produce a standard range of Threaded Rod in Brass with various thread configurations available.


We also produce various products for the Plumbing, Gas Fitting and Electronics/Electrical industries as well as specialised fasteners including Hank Nuts, Oddy Screws and Solid Rivets.


Telephone: +64 3 344 1552     Fax: +64 3 344 1557